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Should I get dental insurance?

Without consistent care, several oral health problems can result. Immediate risks include gingivitis, cavities, tooth decay, and other gum diseases which can eventually result in oral cancer. This "silent epidemic" (U.S. Surgeon General) can be avoided by regular treatment at home and dental visits twice each year.

What does this insurance cover?

It immediately covers up to $1,000 per insured per calendar year based upon a fee schedule. It also includes preventive benefits of $100 per insured twice a year. The Plus Major upgrade increases the maximum benefits to $1,500 and includes coverage for major procedures.
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Is there a deductible?

Nope, no deductible.

How soon am I covered?

Benefits usually begin as soon as the next business day. Applications filed during the 27th-31st of the month become effective on the 1st of the following month. Plus Major upgrade benefits begin 6 months after your plan is effective.

Actual effective date is assigned by the carrier and is included in your confirmation email from Assurant Health.

What does it cover for cleanings?

You get $100 for preventive care, maximum of 2 visits per year per insured. The second visit must be at least 5 months (150 days) after the first visit.

Can I use this insurance at any dentist?

Yes, you can go to any dentist you choose. Dentists do not have to join a network, and there are no negotiated fees. This dental insurance pays a fixed amount based on procedure.

Most dentists will make it super easy by having the check go to them. All you have to do is show them your insurance card. If they say they don't take insurance, do not worry; have them fill out an ADA claim form and you can submit your own claim.

When you submit your own claim, you will get the check instead. However, most dentists will take assignment (check goes to them) and they just deduct it from your bill.

How can I end up with extra cash?

Unlike other dental insurances, no matter what, this insurance will pay the fixed amount listed for a procedure. Even if your dentist charges less, the insurance will still pay the same. You will end up with extra cash.

If your dentist files the claim for you, ask them if they will give you the extra cash back to you or keep it as a credit for next time.

Many dentists have cleaning and exam coupons online that are much less than the $100 this insurance pays for cleanings and exams. Check out dentist coupons in your area.

Is there child-only coverage?

Yes, child-only coverage is available. If your children still have their wisdom teeth, you need to get the Plus Major upgrade.

Wisdom teeth removal is considered major surgery by dentists; not a simple extraction. To get benefits for this, you will need the Plus Major upgrade.

Are benefits paid for braces?

No, this insurance does not pay benefits for braces, also known as orthodontics. Most dental insurances do not pay benefits for orthodontics.

What is the Plus Major Upgrade?

This is an optional upgrade. As a standard, you get wellness and benefits for basic services such as cleanings, x-rays, simple extractions, anesthesia, filling in cavities, etc.

However, to get coverage for inlays, onlays, crowns, implants, root canals, oral surgery, etc, you need to get the Plus Major upgrade. With the upgrade, the insurance will begin paying benefits for major procedures after 6 months.

Can I get the Plus Major Upgrade later?

No, the plus major upgrade needs to be done at the time that you sign up. Benefits paid for major procedures are significantly higher.

Do my benefits go up over time?

Yes, your benefits do increase. After having the insurance for at least a year, your basic and plus major benefits will double. Wellness benefits for cleanings, x-rays, etc stay the same at $100 per person twice a year.

Is there a maximum of benefits paid?

There is no lifetime maximum. However, there is a $1,000 per person per calendar year maximum. If you get the Plus Major Upgrade, the maximum increases to $1,500.

The maximum does not include what is paid for wellness procedures like cleanings, exams, and x-rays. So if you get your two cleanings in a year, max out your benefits, and have the plus major upgrade, you will get $1,700 in benefits.

Is this a discount plan?

No, discount plans work by convincing dentists to reduce their costs for members. Discount plans offer referrals to dentists and in exchange, dentists lower their costs for those patients.

More and more dentists are choosing not to be part of dental discount plans since it means they will get paid less. The less they get paid, the more patients they need meaning waiting weeks for an appointment and being rushed to do the work.

What you get through DentalQUICK is real dental insurance. With this dental insurance, you can use it with any dentist.

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How do I verify my benefits?

To verify your exact benefits, call Assurant Health at 1-866-387-3405. Use your name and social security number (or policy number) to look up your benefits. Your dentist can also call this number to verify your benefits before treatment.

How do I file a claim?

Most dentists actually will do this for you using a standard ADA Claim Form. However if you need a claim form and instructions on how to file it, you can download the claim form and instructions (PDF).

Your dentist may also file the claim electronically using Payer ID: ASHC1 and your policy number as reference.

Can I downgrade my plan?

No, you are not able to downgrade your plan after enrolling. Benefits paid for major procedures are significantly higher.

Should I keep my dental insurance long-term?

Yes, absolutely. Benefits paid for basic and major procedures double after 1 year. Additionally, studies have found that people with dental insurance tend to go more often for cleanings and exams.

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